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Ditto and 100 Generation 2 Pokemon Finally Coming in Next Pokemon GO Update?

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO has been one of the most popular mobile games over the past several months. Being able to catch Pokemon in the real world has certainly made it such a massive success. But with the number of Pokemon in the game limited so far, many fans are asking when Niantic Labs is planning to add new Pokemon to Pokemon GO. It appears that it will not be that long now as a recent leak has revealed that new Pokemon are already going to be available in an upcoming?Pokemon GO Update.

So far, the Pokedex in the current version of Pokemon GO is at 151. That means a gamer can only catch the 145 of the existing Pokemon available in the game as the legendary Pokemon and Ditto have not been spotted yet. That number is not a lot as there has already been someone who has captured all of the available Pokemon.

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Many gamers have been asking for Niantic Labs to add the Generation 2 Pokemon in the game. Some of the fan favorites, such as Ditto, is also one Pokemon that users are asking for. Well, if the recent reports are true, Ditto as well as 100 next generation Pokemon could be coming to the game very soon.

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According to Wired, the codes for Ditto as well as 100 Generation 2 Pokemon are already referenced in the APK of the new Android version of the game. This is certainly very exciting as the introduction of the new Pokemon would give fans something new to look forward to.

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Ditto is not a legendary Pokemon, but it is certainly one of a kind. Ditto is the only one that can breed with any Pokemon. This makes it one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, particularly if there will be a breeding feature that could be introduced in the future.

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For now, fans would just have to wait as there have been no exact date as to when Ditto and the Generation 2 Pokemon will arrive. Be sure to check back here soon for more news and Pokemon GO updates to know when you can try and catch Ditto in Pokemon GO.

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