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Ditch the Power Bank. Here Are Easy Ways to Preserve Your iPhone?s Battery Life

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iphone batteryIf there?s one thing that deeply annoys me about iPhones, it?s the fact that they don?t pack as much battery life as other smartphones. And for a power user, this can be extremely frustrating especially when you?re outside and you don?t have a power bank with you.

Fortunately, there are several ways to preserve your iPhone?s juice and ensure that it gets you through the day without sacrificing the tasks you need to accomplish. Here are some tips on how you can improve battery life.

  • Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular network when connecting to the Internet.
  • Lower the brightness of your phone?s screen. Also, turn off the auto-adjust feature. Do it manually.
  • Unless you?re always connected to external devices like headsets, turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Choose Airplane Mode when indoors or in places that have bad connection because your iPhone will keep on locating signals to stay connected.
  • Don?t let all apps access the Internet thru cellular network. Choose only those that you actually need.
  • Limit the apps that run in the background. For example, when not driving, turn off the mapping app.
  • Choose the apps that use location services. You clearly don?t need all your apps to have this service turned on, do you?
  • Turn off automatic updates. iOS 7 automatically updates music and apps in the background. That means you need to have Wi-Fi or the cellular network turned on all the time. That?ll consume too much power.
  • Limit calls because they eat up battery juice. And while you?re at it, block people who keep on calling you for senseless reasons. Be aware that it consumes power even if you don?t pick up.
  • Switch off the Background App Refresh services. You don?t really need that.
  • Turn off the Parallax feature?the one that creates a 3D icon that sits on your wallpaper. It really doesn?t serve any purpose.
  • Turn off Frequent Locations?the feature that records info about the places you regularly go to. You really don?t need your iPhone to tell you the estimated time of arrival since you always go there, do you?
  • Disable Siri?s Raise To Speak feature.
  • Set some notifications (for emails, texts and social network reminders) in silent mode.
  • Stick to static wallpapers instead of dynamic ones (available for iOS 7 users) because they eat up juice.
  • Disable the Push Email option so your iPhone isn?t always trying to download emails from the servers as they come. Instead, fetch emails to conserve battery.

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