Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4: Console Release Coming After Opera Omnia?

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Square Enix isn?t known for developing fighting games as it focuses mainly on delivering amazing RPG experiences. However, that doesn?t mean that the developer hasn?t ventured into the genre yet. Its most popular fighting game to date is Dissidia. The latest entry in the series has been a huge hit, and it?s currently taking over Japanese arcades. With all of its success, will Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4 finally release soon?

Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4 Version Is Possible

Square Enix recently made a surprise announcement by announcing Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. The game is coming to?iOS and Android devices sometime this year. It?s a spin-off of the franchise and draws a lot from its predecessors. A mix of Final Fantasy characters are all jumbled up in the game as well.

The last console release for Dissidia Final Fantasy was way back in 2011, with Dissidia 012 launching for the PlayStation Portable. After that, Japanese players once again got a taste of the well-received franchise with an arcade version launching last year.

When it was first revealed in April 2015, the developers noted that the game was being developed with the PlayStation 4 in mind. Siliconera reported that the arcade title was being developed with the PlayStation 4?s core system of technology at the time. A?Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4 version is very possible considering that the arcade itself was geared toward console quality gaming.

Fans are probably riled up to ask for a Dissidia game on the PS4 again after the announcement of Opera Omnia. Square Enix hasn?t confirmed anything for now, however, it?s pretty easy to speculate that the series will make its debut on home consoles soon since Square Enix is willing to try out the game on other platforms. The likeliness of a Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4 title is also greater if Opera Omnia turns out to be an amazing title. By the looks of the trailer, series fans and newcomers might enjoy the game.

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