Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Everything We Know So Far

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Chaos As Seen In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailer
Chaos Comes To Cause Chaos In Dissidia Final Fantasy [Image Courtesy Of Square Enix]

It was way back in 2015 when Square Enix revealed the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade title and it looks like the game is finally making its way to consoles. Square Enix recently revealed the console port of the arcade game and it’s set to come with a few additions. Here’s everything we know so far about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Release Date

No specific release date has been set for Dissidia FInal Fantasy NT but according to Square Enix, the game will launch in early 2018 worldwide. The game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it boasts amazing graphics. With E3 coming up, Sony might give Square Enix and the upcoming title their time on the spotlight.


Fans are very eager to see the available roster for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Square Enix said that there will be over 20 playable characters. Like in the past games, each mainline entry of Final Fantasy will be represented by the main character and the main villain. In the second game of the Dissidia franchise, Square Enix introduced other characters including Laguna, Lightning and Vaan and increased the roster from 22 to 31.

In the third game, the other expected faces are Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics and Noctis. We’ve yet to know the exact roster count of the upcoming title but fans are hoping that it’ll surpass the roster of Dissidia 012. Joining the expansive roster are summons, iconic battle arenas, and others more.

Unlike the first two games, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT won’t only feature 1v1 combat. Players will be allowed to partake in massive 3v3 battles which are more action paced and tougher than the regular 1v1 battles.

Square Enix is also retaining some of the core features that the first games had. Players should be happy to know that customization will be back in the next game and players will be allowed to customize their favorite character’s EX skills, weapons, and even skins. It’s Square Enix’s way of adding in RPG elements to the fighting game.

Also returning to the game is the Bravery Combat system that made Dissidia far different from other fighting games. For those unfamiliar, in Dissidia, players can perform Brave and HP attacks. Brave attacks help increase the damage of players’ HP attacks.

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