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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Story Mode Lacks RPG Elements

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Won't Have RPG Elements In The Story Mode
The Two Sides Of Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 [Image Courtesy Of Square Enix]

Square Enix took Final Fantasy fans by surprise recently by revealing that the arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy, will finally come to the PlayStation 4. The return of the spin-off series on PlayStation has excited many gamers, but there’s still so much we’ve yet to know about the game. The Story Mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, for example, has little to offer when compared to the previous titles.

Gamestalk recently revealed more details about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which gives fans a closer look at the title releasing next year. Like the past titles, the upcoming game will have a Story Mode which many expect to have an in-depth storyline since it’s coming from an acclaimed RPG maker. The previous entry Dissidia 012 even had an amazing Story Mode.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will also have a Story Mode with a rich storyline, but those expecting to get RPG elements out of it are going to be very disappointed. According to the recent report, the Story Mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be similar to the arcade version. This means RPG elements will be omitted from it.

By doing this, Square Enix removes progression systems and an overworld with enemies in the upcoming title’s Story Mode. If we’re going to guess how the Story Mode could be made, it’ll be similar to a standard fighting game’s Story Mode wherein players just run through several characters before reaching a major boss. Since the trailer shows off some amazing cinematics for the game, there’s a good chance the Story Mode of the game could also be similar to Injustice 2’s wherein players are treated to cutscenes and cinematics in between matches.

Square Enix introduced an enjoyable Story Mode in Dissidia 012. In the game, players can explore an overworld filled with enemies and treasure chests which contain pieces of equipment. Players are allowed to grind their characters through the enemies in the overworld. Aside from these features, the Story Mode was also partnered with a well told story made by Square Enix themselves.

It would’ve been better if Square Enix brought back the same features for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT but as long as the developer smoothens the gameplay, then fans would still enjoy the game nonetheless. For more news about Final Fantasy, make sure to check out The Bitbag. 

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