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Disney and Wargaming ditching E3 2016, won?t have booth on E3 Floor

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E3 2016

Electronic Arts and Activision have already announced their absence from Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. Following the same trend, two major companies have confirmed that they are not coming to E3 2016. Disney Interactive (Disney Infinity) and Wargaming (World of Tanks) will not have booth on E3 floor.

On Twitter, Disney Vice President of production John Vignocchi said that the company is already committed to different activities throughout the year. Disney wants to introduce the products directly to its fans. A report from Venture Beat confirms the exit of Wargaming. A spokesman for Wargaming, said that the company is focusing on its own events where it will engage the players and fan community. Wargaming says that players are their first priority and E3 just doesn?t fit for what they are aiming for. In his email, Wargaming spokesperson said that E3 may be a good show for many developers and game publishers but the show doesn?t solve the needs of Wargaming.

There is no denying that E3 is one of the biggest events in game industry that draws thousands of people around the world. But many companies are now going away from the show. Almost every company is suggesting the same when they talk about ditching E3. In a similar move, Electronic Arts said that it won?t be coming to E3 2016 because the company is focusing on its own events. Activision also confirmed its exit stating almost same reason. And now Disney and Wargaming have also joined the bandwagon.

In a previous report for EA, we said that there should be some reason behind why big companies are leaving E3. Despite of the huge media coverage and mass gathering, the companies are no more interested in the event. It looks like that the companies do not want to directly interact with the consumers. It is possible that the companies do not want fans to directly listen to what media says, instead they want their fans to listen to what they say.

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