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‘Disney Infinity’: Why You Will and Will Not Buy It

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How do you exactly complete your Disney Infinity Collection without going broke? That must be one of the most asked questions right now regarding purchasing the ?toy-to-life? game Disney Infinity. In a post on Kotaku, there was a comment that says ?It is called infinity because it is the amount of dollars you need to spend for it?. Funny, but there is some truth about it, but it all depends on how much you love your kids, yourself (being a hardcore fan of Disney in general), and your wallet.

Alright, let?s get down with the prices and start with the starter pack. Both starter packs for PlayStation 3 and Wii U costs $74.99, pretty average for a high-end game. This includes the base that you connect to your console via USB, a power disc, a cube to be used to unlock three adventure modes and three figures ? namely, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sully.

Here?s a catch, if you want to play with somebody else, you cannot use a character in a world they are not intended to be in. For example, Sully cannot be in the ship where Captain Jack Sparrow is (Sully is from Monsters Inc.) In order to play coop, you need to get another character that lives in the same world so in this case, getting Davy Jones (a character from Pirates of The Carribean) is required to play cooperatively along with Captain Jack.

You can either get sidekicks or a villain pack for $29 for this matter. Not much for letting both your kids or you, joining the game right? That?s only for the first world, however. How would you get the most out of Disney Infinity that way? You need to get other packs that contain ?entirely different play sets. Each one costing $34.99 roughly.

Already down to $170+? Some parents might start to breath heavy here, but since they are spending this much, why not go the extra mile and complete the entire set including the other characters. Each one costs $13.99 and given, you?ve got 6 from the 16 optional figures, that leaves you $277.89 to get every single one of them roughly. It won?t end there because just in a few, we will get Disney Infinity 2.0 add-ons which will include Marvel characters.

Now, the question is, is it worth going this deep in your pocket for these figures and games. Short answer: Yes and No.

Yes, if you are a real hardcore fan of Disney Characters, cutesy open-world game and collecting figurines. Also, if you have more than one child, and most importantly, if you?re ok with spending this much for a game that some thinks of as a knockoff deal.

No, if you?re the complete opposite of what we?ve mentioned above. (And if you prefer Skylander which is way cheaper than this one, or if you plan to wait for Nintendo?s similar take on this type of game/collectibles venture).

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