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Disney?s 6 Minute Animation on Forbidden Love will Give You All the Feels in the World

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Disney is widely regarded to be the pioneer of modern-day animation, having drawn and painted themselves into the imagination of both young and old. The themes and values portrayed by their characters aim to imbue good values into the hearts of each and every one of us. Disney?s timeless appeal can also be attributed to their constant evolution and expansion of the animated art form, done through collaborations with like-minded artists all over the world. Among these artists, one was able to stand out and create a mind-blowing surreal story about the pains of falling in love with someone who can?t love you back.

In 1944, after Walt Disney finished reading The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, he wrote to the Spanish painter and invited him to Walt Disney Studios to explore what would be a ground-breaking partnership. A year later, Disney artist John Hench was tasked to work with Dali, and the duo worked for eight months, up until the height of World War II which put the project on hold.

Once the war ended in 1945, Dali found himself back again in Disney Studios, where he was asked to design a surrealistic animated short for a project that was framed in the structure of Fantasia. But it was not until 58 years later that the Disney-Dali collaboration was completed, when Roy Disney (Walt?s nephew) unearthed the project in 1999 and brought it back to life. The result was a traditional animation, including John Hench?s original footage and a bit of digital animation.

Destino, according to Dali, is ?A magical exposition of life in the labyrinth of time,? while Disney describes it as ??A simple love story?boy meets girl,? perfectly capturing how different these two icons were. While character and personalities were the most important elements of Disney?s stories, Dal? saw tales unfold like enigmatic dreams, the importance of characters only seen wrapped in symbolism. (waltdisney.org)


Dali and Disney Source: waltdisney.org

So fall in and out of love with this 6 minute, breath-taking animation, about Chronos and his ill-fated love for a mortal woman named, Dahlia. It features Ray Gilbert and Armando Dominguez?s ballad Destino. The song was personally chosen by Dali because of its title that means Destiny which greatly sparked his imagination. ?


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