Disney to Buy Twitter? What It Could Mean for the Twitterverse and What It Means for Disney

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What could be Disney?s internal motive to buy Twitter? Apparently, it needs a media distribution platform for its dwindling relevance in traditional media channels. That?s how analysts put Disney?s decision to join the list of Twitter suitors alongside Google and SalesForce.

Prior to the announcement of their interest to buy Twitter, Disney invested on video streaming company BAMtech for a staggering $1 billion or 33 percent of BAMTech?s stake. This is just one of Disney?s moves to make sure that their digital future is secured.

In a recent talk at the Goldman Sachs? Communacopia Conference, Walt Disney?s Chief Executive Robert Iger said ?I thought Twitter actually did a very good job last week ? interestingly enough that platform was powered by BAMTech last week, and will be [moving forward], which I think says a lot about that platform. Because it was very stable. I checked it out, as did a lot of people. And I thought it was quite a good experience. They did a good job.?

He also added that they were ?extremely impressed? with BAMTech?s technological aspect, that putting Disney?s future in their platform will help secure it. He also added ?We are a big believer in using technology to reach more people.?

Disney’s Social Media Quest

Disney?s move to buy distribution platforms such as Twitter and BAMTech stemmed from the apparent slump of cable TV subscribers. The growing trend of online streaming and video channels has brought enough strain on the cable TV network, one of Disney?s most trusted and golden ventures in the past years.

But just like the changing times, Disney?s Robert Iger is also contemplating on possible solutions and has since considered social media as one of their best assets now. It?s a tight competition, thinking how Disney is also going against giant companies like Google and SalesForce. Of course, the financial aspect of the deal is just few percent of the total deal. There?s also the discussion of rights and limits that makes Twitter worth the fight.

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