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Dishonored 2 Update: PS4 And Xbox One Version To Get Performance Patch

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Dishonored 2 Update

While some players feel that the Dishonored 2 PC version is unplayable, this doesn’t mean that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are perfect. In a Twitter conversation, the game?s co-creative director Harvey Smith said that the studio is planning a patch for consoles that improves the game?s performance. The developer has also shared a series of guides on how players can enjoy the game in their own unique ways.

Console Version Improvements Incoming

While the game is already facing multiple issues on PC, the console versions also has issues. Some players reported stuttering and framerate drops on consoles. A player took to Twitter to ask the studio whether they are working on any fixes for the problems on consoles. Luckily, he got a response from Smith in which the studio?s co-creative director said, ?we plan to update consoles too.?


Despite being less affected by the gameplay issues, PS4 and Xbox One players were also expecting an update. Now that all versions of the game will receive an update, it seems?that the problems on all platforms will soon be resolved.?

Free Content Update

Meanwhile, the company has shared a guide on how players can simply extend the fun in Dishonored 2. According to Smith, Arkane always lets the players play the game in their own way. He said that the game satisfies gamers who want to keep the other players undisturbed, and also to those who want to leave the trails of their actions for those who join. Those who do not want to play the game with any powers can do so.

Bethesda also?said that a new Dishonored 2 update is coming soon next month. ?Dishonored 2 will offer even more options for you to play the way you want. The free update includes New Game + and custom difficulty settings. The developer has not shared any specific details on the release date, but has assured fans that the free content update will arrive soon.

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