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Dishonored 2 Update: New Patch Released First To The Media?

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Dishonored 2 Update

Arkane Studio has apparently sent a new Dishonored 2 update patch to media for review. Although the patch is not available for the public, it seems that Bethesda wants to make sure that the media should be satisfied with the improvements before they roll out the update worldwide. Media reports have emerged recently, suggesting that the patch they have tested has fixed the issues that have been haunting the game since launch.

Last week, when Bethesda released Dishonored 2, the game was plagued with issues. Players reported that the framerates are not stable, and mouse jittering and audio stuttering are making the gameplay worse. After these reports, Arkane acknowledged the problems and assured fans that a Dishonored 2 update will indeed come to resolve the issues.

Issues Fixed In New Patch?

Currently, the media houses are given beta version of the patch to test the game on different parameters. A report by PC Gamer suggests that its team has tested the game and the issues no longer exist. However, the publication is still not confident about the patch as it has not updated its review score, but the report undoubtedly brings positive signs for Dishonored 2 players.

Releasing a patch for press after?the public launch is strange. The developer has not shared anything specific regarding the release date for the Dishonored 2 update patch, so there are chances that the company is still not confident about the patch they have developed.

As the review is still in progress, they do not reveal anything specific regarding the changes and improvements Arkane is making for this patch. It is still not yet confirmed when the players who have actually paid for the game will be able to enjoy a flawless gameplay. As the?Dishonored 2 update patch is out for the press, we expect to see an?official announcement anytime soon.

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