Dishonored 2 Release: Top 3 Ways To Prepare For The Game

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Dishonored 2

Bethesda’s Dishonored 2 release date is this coming November 11. Fans can prepare themselves with some Dishonored-related activities while waiting for the game’s release. Here are some things to do while you’re waiting to see Corvo and Emily again.

Dishonored Comics

According to the official Bethesda site, a four-issue Dishonored comics will come out this November. Issue 1 has been out since August 3, while the other three will be released on September 7, September 28, and October 19, respectively. These comics will focus on Corvo Attano’s quest in finding an apprentice and confronting the “faces from his past.” Technically, these comics may explain Emily’s skills as a stealthy assassin and Corvo’s backstory way before the events of the first game.

Dishonored Novel

Other than the comics, Dishonored will also have a novel titled “Dishonored: The Corroded Man” which will be released next month. Dishonored: The Corroded Man will cover the connection between the first and second Dishonored games. It’s possible that the upcoming game won’t focus too much on the backstory in the actual game. This upcoming novel is the first of the trilogy, and the other two novels will be released next year. The two remaining novels in the trilogy will continue the stories of Corvo and Emily. It’s possible that both characters may each get a novel of their own to clearly discuss their stories.

Replaying the Original Game

Dishonored fans may have done this several times already while they’re waiting for the Dishonored 2 release. Players may warm up to the game’s controls and skills since Corvo is a returning playable protagonist in the sequel. Additionally, players can also gauge Emily’s growth throughout the series by replaying the game. However, Emily might just be an impressionable character as she often follows Corvo’s example according to the character’s chosen playthrough. Additionally, players may study the game once more for returning features or memorable characters from the first game. After replaying, players can opt to read the backstory materials to avoid getting burned out of playing the game too much.

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