Dishonored 2 QuakeCon 2016: Arkane Studios Shows New Upgrades For Corvo

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Dishonored 2 QuakeCon 2016

Recently, Dishonored 2 was showcased at QuakeCon 2016 along with Prey. The showcase featured some of Corvo Attano?s powers in his return as a playable character, along with other gameplay reveals. Here?s a peek at the Dishonored 2 QuakeCon 2016 reveals.

According to the official Bethesda site, Dishonored 2?s High Chaos Corvo was showcased in the event. In Dishonored, players can opt to settle things peacefully with stealth or go ballistic with violence and force to get their mission done. High Chaos means that Corvo?s offense powers were shown, which may excite action-focused fans. However, Low Chaos or pacifist players shouldn?t worry as some of Corvo?s improved powers can be used to make stealthy abduction missions a little easier.

The Dishonored 2 QuakeCon 2016 presentation also showed that Corvo can use his new Blink skill offensively to position himself directly at his enemies. In the previous game, Corvo had a similarly quick Blink move, but its slightly limited range and no attack follow-ups made it an unreliable tool for offense and was just used to take good positions for stealth and mobility. An offensive teleport move may amp the game?s pace when playing as Corvo.

Additionally, the Bend Time skill makes a return as one of Corvo?s skills in the game. Corvo?s new Bend Time can now allow him to interact with his surroundings. The Dishonored 2 QuakeCon 2016 reveal showed a key person thrown off from a high place, and the time was slowed down to catch the person?s fall. In the previous game, Bend Time only allowed a few seconds to have more breathing space for either repositioning yourself in a crowd of foes or escaping the scene entirely.

Adding to Corvo?s moves are some properties from Daud?s skillset. Dishonored?s Knife of Dunwall DLC featured a playable character named Daud who was responsible for the death of the previous Empress in the last game. Daud had similar skills as Corvo but had different properties. Corvo?s new blink in Dishonored 2 has been confirmed to have the ?stop time and redirect? improvement from the Knife of Dunwall DLC. Overall, Corvo?s powers may have been improved to honor fans who played the first Dishonored game.

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