Dishonored 2 PC Update Release ‘On Track’, Says Arkane Studios

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Dishonored 2

Currently, the Dishonored 2 PC release is plagued with optimization issues, which makes it unenjoyable to some players. Meanwhile, Harvey Smith from Arkane Studios says that the Dishonored 2 PC update is coming, but he cannot confirm its release date. Here?s what we know so far about the Dishonored 2 PC update.

Incoming But No Release Date

According to Harvey Smith?s Twitter post, the Dishonored 2 PC update is already ?on track,? but he cannot give an exact release date. Smith explains that they can?t announce a release date because they might not be able to keep their promise. For now, PC fans can only wait for the Dishonored 2 update.

Optimization Problems

According to ximenez?s thread on the Dishonored Reddit, many PC players are experiencing optimization problems in Dishonored 2. Regardless if their PC can run the game in the highest quality, Dishonored 2 will experience frame drop issues. Players need the next Dishonored 2 PC update to fix the problem in order for them to enjoy the game.

?Unplayable? Game

So far, the?Dishonored 2 PC version doesn?t have issues in its first maps. However, the problems will start around Mission 2, so be careful once you’re already progressed enough in the game. Players aiming for either Stealth or Combat runs will find the issues hampering as frame drops will affect their playstyle. At times, Stealth players may have to look out for spots with fewer frame drops instead of using optimal routes. Alternatively, Combat routes may mess up defensive timing in battles, which could make fighting less fun overall.

The Dishonored 2 PC frame drops can be seen on Joshgt2?s video. The frame drops happen when the player moves. The game manages to stay near 60 frames per second if they?re standing still. However, the game starts to dip as low as 30 frames per second when they start moving faster. Players aiming for Stealth,?Combat or even those playing the game casually will find these issues frustrating. For now, we?ll have to wait for Smith or Arkane Studios to announce this game?s patch.

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