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Dishonored 2: New Game Plus And Replaying Missions Considered By Arkane

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Bethesda recently released the sequel of 2013?s hit shooter, and things are looking good for the game so far. Fans are currently loving what the developers have done with Dishonored 2, and just like the first entry, the game is very well-received. However, there are a few things that fans want to see in the game, but it looks like Bethesda and Arkane Studios are already a few steps ahead of the fans.

Fans took to Twitter to ask the developers about the whereabouts of a few missing staple features in Dishonored 2. Arkane Studios co-creative director Harvey Smith answered fans and it seems the developer is considering a few fan requests.

Mission List

One fan asked whether or not missions will be replayable in the new entry. Back in the first game, fans can replay a mission to either redo it or go back to any missed collectibles. However, the feature is missing in the sequel. Harvey Smith answered the question by saying that Arkane Studios is looking into adding the feature in future updates.


NG +

Another feature that fans want is a New Game Plus. A few players are claiming that if they want to replay the entire game, they have to start from scratch. This makes it difficult to finish the game in harder difficulties as Bone Charms and other collectibles are pretty hard to get too early on in the game. The good thing is that a New Game Plus is already something being discussed by the development team.


With all these features being considered, it?s easy to say that Arkane Studios and Bethesda has a long-term plan with the sequel. While we may not yet know when these updates will drop, fans can expect the missing features to come a few months after the game?s release.

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