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Dishonored 2: Main Differences Between Emily & Corvo Explained

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Dishonored 2 Review

Dishonored 2 is out and it?s proving to be a brilliant game (unless you?re on PC). The problem with the campaign is that the game forces you to make a pretty big decision that will completely affect the rest of the play.

The decision? You have to pick between Emily or Corvo. This might be an easy decision to some but if you?re like me who likes to worry about every little thing in a game, well then this is a big problem.

Well fear not because we?ve gathered all the info you need to know to help you decide between Emily or Corvo. And hopefully, you get stuck with the gameplay the would perfectly suit your first run in Dishonored 2.

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Teleport Pros & Cons

Emily and Corvo?s teleporting abilities are two different sides of the same coin. Emily?s Far Reach can bring her to great distances, while Corvo?s Blink teleports him in short distances.

Corvo?s movement is instantaneous while Emily?s takes a bit of time. And unlike Corvo?s blink, Far Reach?s movement path is visible.

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When the upgrades arrive, the two teleport powers evolve differently as well. Far Reach turn Emily into a vacuum, sucking up enemies towards her for easy kills. As for Corvo, Blink stops times during the aiming phase and guards can also be insta-killed with Blink Assault.

Dishonored 2

Focus VS AOE

Emily?s skills follow a theme of being able to affect as many enemies at the same time. This is best exemplified by her Domino skill.

Corvo, on the other hand, would be her opposite in a sense that he hits closer, faster. Corvo?s Bend Time ability will let you easily dispatch single targets easily, while Freeze Time will let you control single enemies easily.

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Even in times of escape, their skills still follow the pattern of affecting less enemies, as opposed to affecting more enemies. Example, when you get compromised with Corvo, you can use Possession to go inside a rat to make a quick getaway. You can also wait for the heat to go down by hiding in a ditch.

As for Emily, when an enemy is Domino-ed and becomes alerted, all guards are alerted as well. To fix the big mess, simply chain all the guards together and finish them off with Mesmerize.

So to conclude, if you want a more stealthier gameplay full of short bursts of single target exploits, then Corvo is your guy. If you want more grand approach to things and causing as much mayhem that you can, then Emily should be your pick.

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