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Dishonored 2 Guide: PC Quick Optimization Fixes for Smooth Gameplay

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Dishonored 2 Release

Dishonored 2 is a brilliant title bringing back the great gameplay and storyline of the first and adding in some notable innovations. This has made some console players wonder why the great game is getting a mixed reviews on the internet. The reason for this is because the PC Master Race has apparently received the short end of the stick.

People have reported horrible overall optimization for the PC. Frame drops are recurrent, glitches are rampant, and horrible lag and stuttering have all been observed. It?s been said players would need a very high end gaming rig just to be able to run the game at a decent level, while all mid-tier and lower PC?s will suffer the full brunt of the bad optimization.

There are no notable complaints coming out for console yet, but there has been a ton on PC. The issues raised were all too real, developer Arkane Studios is currently working on all the points raised so far. But for the meantime, they?ve released some quick fixes to help improve the gameplay.

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These won?t guarantee that you?ll be experiencing the smooth gameplay that you deserve. But it may at least make your current gaming experience on PC bearable until they push out real fixes.


  • ????????Turn off all unnecessary background programs when running the game.
  • ????????Do not Alt-Tab when playing the game.
  • ????????In the event that you Al-Tab and performance dips, Relaunch the game.

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  • ????????Explore lower resolution to see which resolution may improve gameplay.
  • ????????Graphics card that are at the same tier as the GTX1070 or 1080 can should support 1440p resolution.
  • ????????Always use V-Sync, it can help resolve framerate drops.
  • ????????Set ?Adaptive Resolution? between 75 percent default and 50 percent minimum to improve fps.

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  • ????????Use the ?Auto? presets to improve settings for proper framerates.
  • ????????If performance is still subpar after setting ?Auto? presets, lower texture details and deactivate ?TXAA Anti-Aliasing? to further help performance.

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