Dishonored 2: Bone Charm Crafting Detailed By Arkane Studios

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Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2?s Harvey Smith revealed the details of Bone Charm crafting in the upcoming game. Smith said that the Bone Charm effects are procedurally generated, and there are 400,000 of them in the game. Additionally, combining Bone Charm effects is possible in the upcoming Bethesda title.

Previously, it?s been confirmed that Corvo and Emily will have different playstyles in Dishonored 2, so Bone Charm effects may vary according to their skills and abilities. In the previous game, Bone Charms were equippable and interchangeable upgrades for improving the character?s innate stats or existing abilities to fit the player?s playstyle. With the procedurally generated 400,000 Bone Charm effects, the players may be over-equipped in attaining the game?s different endings.

Smith told Metro in an interview that players will have four trait slots that?ll allow them to synergize and mix effects of Bone Charms, so they should be handy regardless of the ending you want to have. However, Smith didn?t discuss the materials needed to craft these charms in the game.

In the first Dishonored game, Bone Charms were pick-up items and mostly found in hidden locations throughout every mission and area. Additionally, Bone Charm pickups were random despite appearing on the same spot for every player. This system randomizes the difficulty spike for every Dishonored player as some will get the crucial Bone Charm for their playstyle. Others may even receive it late in the game due to the randomization. At times, Low Chaos-focused players will receive consecutive battle Bone Charms because of this randomized system.

The game is entirely clearable without the use of Bone Charms, but it?s a little difficult as Corvo moves slightly slower without mobility charms. According to Smith?s Twitter account, Dishonored 2 will have the ?Flesh and Steel? mode where the players won?t have Corvo or Emily?s special magic abilities to aid them in fights or when they?re traversing around the map. This introduces a more difficult gameplay but is extremely rewarding and challenging if you?re up for a stealth-focused adventure.The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 11.

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