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DiRT 4 Review: Early Impressions From A Critic

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DiRT 4 is getting some love from a Reddit critic. [Image from Codemasters]

DiRT 4 comes out later this week on June 9, and fans are very excited for the upcoming off-road racer. While fans have to wait for reviews, a critic was able to answer some questions about the series’ latest installment. It’s a good way to get a feel of the game, which should please fans of the long-running racing series.

On Reddit, the critic answered several questions regarding the game, and it seems like it will be a worthy installment. Said critic, who has spent 17 hours playing the game, praised several of the game’s mechanics, while also answering various fan questions that others were curious about. It should raise some excitement for the title, since the critic did get a press copy of the PC version.

Not Much DiRT

From what was discussed, DiRT 4 looks to be one of the better racing titles coming out this year. According to the critic, the track generator is “truly awesome,” which should excite fans who were looking forward to it. Having randomly generated tracks should add plenty of variety to the races,  so that should be fun for the fans.

Difficulty-wise, the game starts out a bit easy, but gets progressively harder as the game goes on, so that’s good. Rallycross also has some fairly aggressive AI, so that mode should provide a good challenge for the veteran players. Controllers also run well on the PC version, so fans with a gaming computer should consider getting it.

Some Minor Problems

While it’s mostly good, the critic has acknowledged some problems with DiRT 4 when asked about it by fans. The car damage still isn’t realistic, though it does affect the vehicle’s performance during the game’s various races. Also, there is no offline multiplayer, at least on the PC version, so that might ruffle some fan feathers.

Local co-op has always been a problem with PC gaming, so here is hoping that gets fixed soon. It’s not clear if the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be getting local multiplayer, though it’s usually likely in console versions. Fans will have to wait for the game later this week, and see if it is worth getting.

DiRT 4 comes out later this week on June 9 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. As the title implies, it is the fourth installment in the long-running off-road racing series. Prior titles were liked by fans and critics, so this version has some expectations to live up to. Other racing titles coming out this year include the upcoming Wipeout Omega collection.

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