Dimple Expands NFC – Powered Sticker Product Line After Reaching Initial Funding Goal

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Developers of Dimple have decided to expand its product lineup only a few days into its Indiegogo campaign.Even with only 30 days left, the campaign has already raised more than its initial goal of $43, 000. The expansion plan includes the two ? button Dimple Mini to join the original four ? button Dimple.

Three Color Options

The original color options were only white, purple and gray. They are now making available three more colors: black, light red and cyan. This is the result of the recently added stretch goal of $45, 000. If the campaign hits $55, 000, consumers can expect three more colors, which would be determined by the contributors invited to suggest colors.

Four Additional Buttons for Android Devices

The Dimple is as small as a Band ? Aid. It looks like a simple sticker, but with four programmable buttons for Android tablets and mobile phones. Simply apply it on the back of the case or device, then run the Dimple app to set the buttons. There is, however, a catch to this new product: the Dimple requires near ? field communication, or NFC, to function. It does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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The Dimple also does not have its own battery, which is why it relies on the energy that emanates from the NFC. Users can program the four buttons to perform a variety of functions, which are listed on the Dimple website. To give you an idea, this sticker can be programmed to control music playback, launch favorite apps, call a contact, turn on the flashlight, toggle Bluetooth, and more!

Two ? Button Cases

The only issue with the Dimple is that it does not work with metal cases. The good news is: the startup is coming up with two – button cases that would solve the problem. These thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases are perfect for Nexus 5, HTC One M7/M8, and Galaxy S4/S5. They will be shipped starting September, if the funding hits the $70, 000 goal.

Early birds can get these products anywhere from $15 to $27, and has an expected retail price of $29. Those who have already made a contribution may switch their pledge level to a case at the end of the campaign. Those who pledged $27 for the Dimple Standard may avail the option of receiving two Dimple Minis.

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