Digital Storm Debuts the Black | OPS Assassin

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Digital Storm has taken their extreme rigs the next step in creating the assassin series from their Black | OPS division. Taking advantage of the natural way heat rises, they have placed intake fans at the bottom of the chassis to push cool air through vents at the top. As if that isn’t enough, they have also given the machines a sub-zero liquid cooling treatment. They also rotated the motherboard 90 degrees clockwise to organize cables, topping it all off with a large side window built in to an entirely aluminium chassis.

Digital Storm?s Director of Product Development, Rajeev Kuruppu had this to say.

“Assassin is the system that performance enthusiasts have been waiting for. The pairing of exceptional components, patented processes and bleeding-edge design enables components to be pushed far beyond what any other gaming PC on the market today can promise,?
?The ability to effectively remove component damaging and performance inhibiting heat is phenomenal, but I?m astonished by how quietly we were able to accomplish this. The phrase whisper quiet is an understatement.”

The Assassin Series comes in three builds with the top build utilizing a three-way SLI configuration of NVIDIA?s GTX 480s with minimal graphic card fan noise.

Alienware has some serious competition as digital storm keeps bringing these amazing machines. You can check them out at DigitalStormOnline.

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