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Digital News on the Rise. Newspapers Cling for Dear Life.

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People are beginning to rely on the Internet for the latest news. However, the trend still has not completely forsaken the tri?media (TV, radio and print). The Pew Research Center?s Journalist Project reported that things are slightly picking up for network TV news. Besides, digital news varies in quality at the moment.

Online News Continue to Grow

Print media is clinging on to dear life, while TV news gained some strength amidst the growing online news trend, said the Pew Research Center. Associate director of Pew Research?s Journalism Project Mark Jerkowitz added that everything boils down to economics. Advertising revenues fell up to 50 percent for newspapers from the year 2006. It forced some smaller publications to shut down, while others reduced their schedules of publication for survival.

The State of Print Media


Survey says that over 82 percent of Americans gather news from their laptops or desktop computers, while 54 percent use mobile device for news. This means that digital news is dominating. Pew added that Print Media only covers about 71 percent of daily circulation, and 75 percent on Sundays. Furthermore, 15 largest newspapers now only have over 55 percent of total circulation in print.

Cable TV was once a major threat to the tri ? media, but is now losing its shine. Its cable news audience went on a decline, while its daytime audience remained flat last year, Pew reported. However, network TV news audience increased in both evening and morning programs. The same uptrend applies to local TV news, as well. Sales at newsstands continue to fall and subscriptions remained flat. More people began listening to online radio, while satellite radio audience grows slightly, but weakly.

A Threat to News Quality

Online news websites have hired talented journalists. Mashable got a former NY Times executive, while Yahoo beefed up its coverage. eBay now has a digital startup called ?First Look Media, to be led by Glenn Greenwald (the person who first wrote about NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden and the NSA?s surveillance practices).

News organizations will have trouble maintaining high quality news reporting if tech companies would continue to dominate with online news. It will no longer be surprising if the struggle of news organizations would drive mergers and acquisitions.


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