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Digimon World Next Order US Release Soon? ‘Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth’ Most Downloaded Game In February

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When Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was released worldwide, Bandai Namco released a video thanking the fans, while also telling them that more Digimon games would come if they were in high demand. Well, it was recently revealed that the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was the most downloaded PS Vita game in Europe in February.

Does this mean that the Digimon World: Next Order will be getting an English port? Considering that the game will also be released on the Vita, it wouldn?t be an impossible notion to dismiss.

The sales success of the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was revealed in the official PlayStation Blog. Considering how the game didn?t get a physical release on Sony?s handheld platform, it is somewhat surprising seeing it do so well in Europe, since it?s the most downloaded Vita game of February. The Digimon brand must be stronger than originally imagined.

The game also seems to be doing decently on the PS4. It managed to be the 20th highest selling game of the month, which is pretty noteworthy.

Considering how nostalgia has been a big factor with games and movies lately, Bandai Namco should capitalize on that by bringing Digimon World: Next Order to the West. The game is fairly reminiscent of the original Digimon World that came out on the original PlayStation, with the return of Jijimon and the old game?s battle system.

Next Order does improve over the original PS One title, with the player having two Digimon to raise and take care of, instead of just one. They can also digivolve into their Mega forms, which wasn?t possible in the original Digimon World. The max level for that game was Ultimate.

If the fans demand it and talk about it regularly, there?s a good chance that the Digimon World: Next Order could come to the West. One can only hope that Next Order continues the trend for good Digimon games that Cyber Sleuth started. Fans do not want another poor effort like the loathed Digimon All-Star Rumble that came out on the PS3 a few years ago.

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