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Digimon World Next Order PS4 Release: Main Differences From PS Vita Version

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Despite some heavy competition, Digimon World: Next Order will be coming out on January 31. Essentially a sequel to the original Digimon World, this game will be a PS4 exclusive when it comes out. Those expecting a major change from the PS Vita version might be sad that there won?t be too many.

PS Vita vs PS4 Version Differences

Now, there are a few changes in the game. The visuals have been improved and the game looks wonderful because of it. PS4 owners also get some cool pre-order bonuses like Omnimon.

Also, there will be a total of 230 Digimon on PS4, which is 12 more Digimon than what was originally available on the PS Vita version, Siliconera reports. Some balancing changes for Digimon have been made, including their Digivolution conditions as well.

Some gamers also found the PS Vita version to be quite buggy. Glitches and frame-rate issues were some of the issues that hampered their gameplay experience. Fans believe these problems will be ironed out on the PS4 version.

Is The Game Good?

While there’s no huge new features for the PS4 version, that doesn?t mean it will be a bad game. Digimon World: Next Order actually got some positive reviews in Japan and could get a similar reaction stateside. At the least, it will be better than other Digimon games before it.

Players expecting an experience similar to Cyber Sleuth will be shocked at how different the game is. Like the original Digimon World, players will have to take care of their partner Digimon, making sure they get enough food and exercise. While this was a factor in Cyber Sleuth, it wasn?t too important, like it is in this game.

No Vita Version

In a move that continues to baffle gamers, the Vita version of Digimon World: Next Order will not come stateside. Only the PS4 version will be coming to the West, which is a big shame since the game started as a Vita exclusive. Sony had recently stopped supporting the handheld, but it still gets support from other developers.

This is probably why the Vita version of the new Digimon game won?t be coming. That being said, there are a lot of angry Vita owners who want the game stateside. After all, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth got a Vita release, even if it was digital only.

Digimon World: Next Order will be available at the end of the month on January 31. It?s a PS4 exclusive and it should make Digimon fans very happy.

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