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Digimon Brings Back The Digivice For Its 20th Anniversary

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Nostalgia has been making great sales in the film industry recently and the gaming industry has since picked up on this trend as well. Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition came out in November last year and has since been sold out everywhere despite all efforts to restock the console.

Lucky for us, Digimon is picking up on Nintendo’s new nostalgia business venture. Digimon is bringing back the original Digivice in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary!

The Digivice Returns

Digimon was a big hit during it’s run years ago. It may not be as big as Pokemon in modern times but it has established itself well as a timeless pop culture icon.

Bandai Namco has decided to reintroduce the world to the Digivice, in celebration of Digimon’s 20-year run. The Digivice was a big hot item during it’s time. It was essentially a Tomagotchi with a Digimon that lets you battle other Digimon.

The Digivice has been remodeled to easily allow players to take care of their Digimon’s various needs such as training, feeding, and playing. The Digivice will also bring back old features such as the evolution of Digimon.

Agumon & Gabumon

Attack of the fanboy reports that the Digivices will come in two versions. One will be “Original Brown” while the other is “Original Grey.” The two versions are not simply a pallette swap but will feature distinct Digimon for each device. Original Brown will contain the Digimon Agumon while Original Grey will have the Digimon Gabumon.

Both Agumon and Gabumon are exclusive to their respective Digivice versions but there will be other Digimon available. The Digivices will feature Digimon from the first five Digivices. It will also include the past 10th and 15th editions as well.

The large lineup of Digimon will give players a lot of play time to collect and nurture multiple Digimon in their Digivice. The Digivices are already available for preorder now in Japan. A North American and European release date has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned to TheBitBag to learn when the Digivice will be releasing in your country!

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