Digimon Adventure tri. Update: Theatrical Release in U.S. Gets English Dub

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The United States is about to get their share of an English dubbed Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 1 Reunion after its apparent development was confirmed by Toei Animation and Eleven Arts. But prior to the theatrical release of Digimon Adventure tri., the two companies will host a one night Fathom Events screening in several theaters in the United States. ?According to Anime News Network, some of the lead roles in the animation previously confirmed their appearance in the theatrical release, mainly voice actor Jeff Nimoy. Nimoy confirmed the character role through his official twitter account. He is filling his role again as Tentomon in the English dubbed Digimon Adventure tri.

Three sequels of the Digimon Adventure tri. have also been featured in an incremental release this year and the past year, with the first installment entitled ?Digimon Adventure tri. Saikaii? (Reunion) followed by ?Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui (Determination) and the last one entitled ?Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku. In celebration of Digimon Adventure?s 15th year anniversary, Toei Animation plans on releasing at least 6 sequels to Digimon Adventure tri.

Saikai (Reunion) premiered in Japan in November with four slated episodes streamed on Crunchyroll. This was followed by Ketsui (Determination) that opened on March 2 and ran for 3 weeks. The third film Kokuhaku, on the other hand, has a release date of September 24 this year with Japan getting the advantage of streaming the series within the day.

The fathom Event that is meant to introduce the Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 1 reunion will happen on the 15th of September with the blu-ray disc copies of the film made available on the same day. The general release of the DVD and blu-ray discs of Digimon Adventure tri. will arrive on the 2nd of November 2016.

Meanwhile, Toei animation, through its president Masayuki Endo, said ?We are excited to partner with ELEVEN ARTS to share this exciting title with audiences across the U.S. American viewers have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Digimon saga for nearly sixteen years, and we?re delighted to have produced this English language version for theaters, giving it the cinematic treatment our fans deserve.?

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