Digimon Adventure Tri Release Date, Updates: Plot Revealed, Lead Characters Set For A Comeback

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The teaser trailer for the latest chapter, Digimon Adventure Tri 4 was recently released. The upcoming chapter is titled Loss.

Moreover, fans will be delighted to know that there are new Digimon movies with English subtitles available on Crunchyroll. These include seasons 1 and 2 with “Tamers” and “Frontier?. These are specifically for anime fans in the United States and Canada.

Fans have high expectations for Digimon Adventure Tri chapter 4 after Toei Animation announced that it will be released as a Digimon movie. The studio will bring familiar faces to the beloved animation series. This will certainly make avid fans feel nostalgic.

Toei Animation decided to bring Digimon back following the accomplishment of Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon Crystal is a makeover of the series of the same title.

Digimon Advneture Tri. Plot

Digimon Adventure Tri follows the life of Taichi Yagami and other returning lead characters. The setting is years after the finale of the Digimon series. Yamato, Sora and Izzy are some of the main characters that are sure to make a comeback.

Spoilers suggest that Yamato, Sora and Izzy will reconnect with their previous Digimon partners. Reports claim that Tai and the others left a troubled Meiko after the rampage of Meicoomon.

So the group attempts to make new connections with their Digimon partners. But Biyomon is still wary of Sora. It will be interesting to see how Taichi and Matt will comfort Sora in this situation.

Meanwhile, Nishijima discovers that Himekawa is nowhere to be found. The former investigates the matter and that leads him to unravel the hidden goals of Himekawa.

Digimon Adventure Tri release date in its home country was said to be on February 25, 2017. Fans in the United States though may have to wait for some time before Digimon Adventure Tri reaches them.

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