Digimon Adventure Tri Loss Trailer, Release Date, Spoilers: See Latest Biyomon, Love Triangle Revelations

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The fourth film on the six-part Digimon Adventure entitled ?Digimon Adventure tri. Loss? released its latest trailer. Along with the trailer is the official outline of the story as part of the Digimon series. The story of Loss will revolve around Sora and how she can?t seem to remember anything. Currently, spoilers about the upcoming fourth movie installment can be gleaned from the recent official poster of the film.

Nevertheless, some few revelations were made, like that of Biyomon revealing its mega evolution, turning to a Hououmon. With Tai and Matt also present in the Digimon Adventure Tri. Loss, fans are hinting on a new love triangle including Sora. If the appearance of Machinedramon in the film has anything to do with the Dark Master, then expect them to also appear in the upcoming Digimon Adventure film.

The Digimon Adventure Tri Loss? plot

?Meikuumon goes berserk, and the Reboot occurs. Leaving behind a devastated Meiko, Taichi and the gang head to the Digital World.

Although they reunite with their Digimon partners, their Digimon’s memories have been completely wiped out. Nevertheless, the children attempt to reconnect their bonds with them again, and the Digimon answer receptively.

However, even after evolving to Child level, Piyomon is the only one to still show wariness…

“I told you, I don’t know anything about this past that you’re talking about!”

Sora’s kindness and sympathy towards others over her own feelings cause Piyomon to feel distrust for her instead.

While a hurt Sora is left standing in shock, Taichi and Yamato are unable to find the right words for her.

As the group discussed what must be done for the Digital World from here on, Meikuumon suddenly appears before them and disappears. For reasons unknown, she still has her memories and is wandering in search of Meiko with tears in her eyes–

Seeing that, the children reaffirm that they must travel the Digital World to save Meikuumon.?

The Digimon Adventure Tri. Loss will have its limited theatrical run in Japan on February 25, 20017. For more news and update about the series, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag.

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