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Did you know that this chair can actively enhance your core strength while you are sitting?

This revolutionary chair will change the way you sit, and it’s for the better ?

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You think long sitting can kill you? Hell no, says Gaiam! With Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair, you can feel better sitting at your workplace or home as it encourages wellness and helps soothe the aches and pains from sitting at a firm desk chair for an extended period of time.

This unique office/desktop chair is designed with a balance ball to help you with your sitting posture and spinal alignment while actively promoting micro-movements so the mind will experience a heightened sense of focus and concentration. Not just that, it can enhance your core strength to improve balance and stability, too.

This ergonomic chair is designed with the help of chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoft to promote a work-life balance. It employs the same balance ball used in your workout routine but with a back support bar that provides all-day support for a powerful and healthier back.

Staying stagnant sitting in front of your desk for long hours will definitely make you tired. But this chair is different — boost your energy with every movement, and feel your body shift as it stays awake and engaged, even as you sit.


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