Diamond Wires: World?s Thinnest Nanowires To Be Assembled Like Lego

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Diamond Wires

Diamond Wires might just be the next big thing when it comes to new innovations. Who would have thought this precious stone can be more than just a beauty on the outside?

For years, researchers and scientists have been thinking of the possible use of the world?s tiniest diamonds, or Diamondoids. And now, recent researches revealed that there is a new technique that uses these Diamondoids to make tiny wires.

The nanowires will be covered with copper and sulfur atoms with the Diamondoids to produce the thinnest nanowire in the world. These very thin wires can measure up to only three atoms wide, making it more effective in the construction of small gadgets.

Functionalities of the Diamond Wires

Recent researches shows that the Diamondoids can help in the improvement of electron microscope images. It can even come in handy in making tiny electronic gadgets.

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Besides the lesser space that the Diamond Wires can offer, it can also produce more power in electronic gadgets. The nanowires can also be applied in electricity-producing fabrics.

Diamond Wires

Such fabrics, on the other hand, are currently used to charge electronic devices. These occurs by the use of the potential energy that?s being produced by the electricity-producing fabrics.

Furthermore, the Diamond Wires can act as conductors that could efficiently convey electricity, without any loss. These can also be used in devices that use light and electricity.

Why will the Diamond Wires be assembled like Legos?

Scientists from Stanford University and SLAC were able to come up with findings regarding the eventual rise of the world?s thinnest nanowire.

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As per Tech Times, the team published their discovery on Nature Materials last Dec. 26. The team entitled the project as ?Hybrid metal-organic chalcogenide nanowires with electrically conductive inorganic core through diamondoid-directed assembly.”

Naturally, Diamondoids can be found in petroleum fluids. These microscopic diamonds are then taken out of the fluid and are filtered according to their size and geometry.

The Diamondoids that will be used in the making of the Diamond Wires looks like Diamond Legos through the microscope. With this, Fei Hua Li of Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences concluded that just like Lego, Diamondoids can only fit together in certain ways according to their size.

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