Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Might Be The Fix To The Game’s Many Issues Including ‘Error 37’

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls



Blizzard is with full poise that the expansion pack to their game, Diablo III called The Reaper Of Souls will be an awesome, hassle and issue free experience for gamers. They say that the players will never experience the same problem regarding connectivity like what ultimately happened way back 2012. The ?Error 37? message will be less? apparent.

Lead producer Alex Mayberry said that the good thing about the launch compared to Diablo 3 is, what the players are seeing is already Reaper of Souls. It practically is just Reaper with Act V and the Crusader class with adventure mode turned off. All is live, though, and is running for a couple of weeks already.

Diablo 3 launched on May 15 2012 and to nobody?s surprise, hundreds and thousands of players around the world were too excited to play the game and attempted to log in right away. This simply overloaded the servers and hence, Blizzard decided to implement a system that will queue players instead, showing them the dreaded ?Error 37? message.

The chances of this happening are now slim, according to Mayberry. “So this launch is much more under control. We made sure to plan it out in such a way that players would be getting all the data and the code–if you’ve logged into Diablo 3 anytime in the last several weeks, you’ve downloaded it–and we gave it a good full month of time just to have the servers running?. Mayberry also said that ?We feel everything is going to be smooth?.

Given these statements, Blizzard still have their instructions if you do end up in a queue. They are expecting? that many players will be trying to join the crusade against the angel of death, they will encounter a new message instead that will state ?The Diablo III Servers are Busy?.

“A lot of people are returning to the game. They are continuously climbing towards launch. A lot of people are coming back to see what we’ve changed,” Mayberry added. “It’s been fun to watch those numbers grow. It’s given us a nice morale boost.”

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