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Diablo III Couple Gets Married & Throw Elaborate Diablo Themed Photoshoot

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Diablo III
Diablo III

MMORPG player base numbers have been going down these past couple of years with the rise of big budget game?s online support and other new competitive genres. Numbers may not be as high as before, but the player base of popular games such Diablo III and World of Warcraft are still going strong.

With a tight knit community in place for these MMOs, players often create lasting friendships that spill over from the game into real life. Some even take things up a notch and start full blown relationships in-game. One Diablo III couple, however, takes the cake by finally getting married and topped the celebration with a glamorous Diablo III themed cosplay photo shoot.

Diablo Love

Alvin Lau plays a Crusader while Alexis Loo plays as a Demon Hunter in Diablo III. The pair had first met online in the big game and eventually became good friends.

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Their friendship then blossomed into a full blown romance. But things didn?t stay in-game for long and eventually became a real couple. The two has since taken their vows and had gotten married last year.

The marriage founded on love that blossomed in Diablo III wouldn?t be complete without having Diablo III in it. So, the couple celebrated their special event with a spectacular Diablo III themed photo shoot.

The couple adorned their cosplay outfits during the photoshoot before the wedding. The intricate Diablo III cosplay outfits weren?t able to make it down the aisle but the photos will?sure turn heads for a lifetime.

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The big extravagant photoshoot had some great help to make it possible. Neo Tokyo had lent a big hand when it came to prop construction for the weapons and other ornaments while Mezame, along with her crew, shouldered the photography.

Singapore wasn?t able to offer the crew much options for a backdrop worthy of their Diablo themed wedding. But, everything went well with Mezame having the shoot done with a green screen to allow him to put in great locations for the photos. The end results were more than worthy to be featured on Diablo?s site.

The photos from the shoot have been featured on Mezame?s site. You can check it out here if you want to see it for yourself.?

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