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Diablo 4 Update: Blizzard Cancelling Game After Its Director Resigned?

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Diablo 4 is what the fans want from Blizzard for quite some time already. However, with the resignation of director Josh Mosqueira, is the video game already off the table?

Mosqueira is the man behind Diablo 3. But, he recently parted ways with the gaming company for unknown reasons. As a result, Blizzard posted several job vacancies for an unannounced project.

This project was predicted by gamers to be the fourth installment of the Diablo franchise. However, there are several proofs that will suggest the game will not come any time soon, or even never.

First thing to know is that the developer does not have the required team to do the job. Even if they have already signed a game director, it will still take him time to understand the theme of the game. Also, there are rumors that rather than launching a game that cannot surpass its predecessor,

Blizzard would rather not release Diablo 4.

It is a known fact that the third installment of the franchise was a big hit. If the fourth one will not be as successful as the previous game, then it would be a huge step back for Blizzard. That fact would lead us to the next speculation – the company is designing something else and not the fourth Diablo video game.

Rumor has it that instead of Diablo 4, Blizzard would just announce a Diablo 3 expansion. Or if not, it could be an HD remake of the second installment. These two would be more realistic than waiting for the launch of the next Diablo game.

Meanwhile, aside from these predicted creations, experts believe that the game publisher will instead make a game that is not connected to the Diablo franchise. Launching a game that is off the topic would give them enough time to educate their new employees about Diablo 4. Through that, the fourth installment will again be possible in the coming years.

As of now, it is unclear whether or not Blizzard will still create Diablo 4 after Mosqueira?s departure. What is sure, though, is that they will announce something at the BlizzCon 2016. The event will run from November 4 to 5. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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