Diablo 4 Release Soon As Blizzard Hires New Game Director For Series?

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Diablo 4

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment opened up a job position for a game director on a Diablo-related ?unannounced project.? Blizzard has also been aiming to hire new staff for this project before the game director post appeared on their Careers page. Will Blizzard confirm Diablo 4 when they hire a new director?

As seen on Blizzard?s Careers page, the Diablo staff openings have five positions for an ?unannounced project.? Fans on Reddit say that it could possibly be for another Diablo 3 expansion or a whole new Diablo 4 game. Diablo 3 is already four years old, and it received its large expansion, Reaper of Souls, last 2014. With Blizzard?s other games receiving recent expansions and characters and releasing a whole new IP, Blizzard may have chosen to focus on developing Diablo content as it?s left behind on major updates.

According to Blizzpro, the game director opening was listed more recently than the other job positions. A report from Diablofans proves that the game director listing didn?t appear at the same time as the other job openings. The older job openings still aren?t closed, so Blizzard might be taking their time in selecting people to pull off this next project nicely.

Since there was no announcement of Diablo 3?s director, Josh Mosquiera?s, on departing from Blizzard, it?s possible that the upcoming game could be a full-on sequel or a spinoff title of the Diablo series. As reported in another article of Blizzpro, most of the Diablo 3 team?s key staff have already left the company, and the firm may experience difficulty in creating another expansion with the same quality of the game. In terms of Blizzard?s Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, World of Warcraft is going to receive its sixth expansion, Legion, which definitely dwarfs Diablo 3?s major expansion count as it only has the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment rocked the world with the Overwatch release last May. The game has been credited to challenge League of Legends in popularity in one of the strong eSports countries in the world, South Korea. Additionally, Overwatch has beaten Diablo 3 sales in China, making Blizzard?s new IP one of the most successful non-free-to-play games in the Chinese market. Perhaps Blizzard is going to try and make the Diablo series relevant once more with a release of Diablo 4, or whatever their upcoming release will be

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