Diablo 3 Update 1.15 Live On PS4 And Xbox One! Full 20th Anniversary Patch Notes Released

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Diablo 3 1.15 Update

Blizzard has been very busy as of late with updates for a few of their games. One of the games on the receiving end of a few changes is Diablo 3. Just recently, Diablo 3 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One got the full 20th Anniversary update featuring a lot of new changes. Here?s what the recent Diablo 3 update 1.15 has in store for players.

Special Retro Dungeon

Since it?s the 20th anniversary of the series, Blizzard has a surprise for longtime fans and for those that missed out on the early days of the series. The 20th Anniversary event in Diablo 3 update 1.15 will pit players against a group of Cultists. The dungeon will be stylized like the previous Diablo titles. Visuals and graphics won?t be as good as the usual Diablo 3 style, but the nostalgia factor will definitely be on high.

PlayStation 4 Pro Support

Diablo 3 update 1.15 will also add the much awaited PlayStation 4 Pro support for the game. This means that players can expect a better-looking Diablo 3 given that they have a PlayStation 4 Pro.?

Other Additions

There will also be a lot of other additions in Diablo 3 update 1.15. For the classes, there will be a change for the Barbarian?s Overpower. It will have charges and each cooldown will remain as 12 seconds each. Additionally, there are a few bug fixes for the skills of the Monk and Wizard classes.

The update also has a ton of bug fixes for Diablo 3, but the main focus of the update will still be the special dungeon. The dungeon will last for a limited time only, so it?s best to get through with the special area before it?s completely removed from the game.

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