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Diablo 3: Top 5 tips for tanks

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One thing I love about Diablo 3 is that you can change your build with just a few clicks. This lets classes like Barbarians, Monks and Crusaders be tanks and DPS dealers with the right amount of changes to gear, skills and play style.

Conceivably, the only classes unable to tank effectively are Demon Hunters and Witch Doctors. The toughness on these characters can only go up to so much without OP gear. What?s more, other classes such as Barabarians and monks take 30% less damage than other classes.

So what would you do when you go about being a bit more tank-y? It?s a bit hard to say since techniques for each class differs. I have a few pointers, though, that you may want to look into:

  1. Character Sheet Toughness is deceptive. A lot of players think that the Toughness digits on their sheet is the be-all, end-all of tanking. While it does play a large part in tanking, it?s not everything?it?s sometimes even deceptive. Keep in mind that Toughness is the amount of damage you can take before you die without healing. There are other ways to be a tank. You can concentrate on Dodge builds, faster healing or the best?mitigating damage.
  2. Make better gear choices. The problem with Diablo 3 builds is that they are very dependent on gear that is probably not in your inventory at the moment. The best way to tanking with your gear is to make better choices with what you have. Look at armor, percentage life and resistances.
  3. Tanking in Diablo 3 isn?t about taking damage and living?it?s about negating that damage. The most effective tanks (sometimes Wizards) are the ones that don?t let them get damaged at all. This is where resistances, armour and dodge come in. There are tank builds that revolve solely around Dodge while Wizards are the best at surviving floor effects thanks to their high elemental resistances.
  4. Don?t forget about your DPS. Even if you aren?t the DPS monster your Demon Hunter friend is, the shorter your encounters are, the less damage you take. If you can contribute significantly to damage and crowd control, you may not need to tank for extended amounts of time since encounters are now over.
  5. Diamonds could be your new best friend. If you aren’t a Wizard or a Monk, getting those resistances can be difficult. Don’t forget to equip your weapon with the highest Emerald you have and everything else with the highest diamonds you have to raise your Resist All.

Do you have any other ideas for tanking in Diablo 3? Leave a comment and let?s discuss!

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