Diablo 3 Survival Tips: Toughness, Healing, Hit Points and Resistances

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Unless you?ve totally given up on surviving without a tank in Diablo 3, it?s good to know just how you?re going to stay alive farming on your own. Joining random parties can be very rewarding (if the crowd you get into is good and polite) or very traumatic (when they?re abusive, rude and unsupportive).

The initial thing you look at when you?re worrying about survival in Diablo 3 is your Toughness, but it?s not the only indicator of survival. Theorycrafters still don?t know the exact formula for computing this elusive number but they?ve managed to extrapolate some sound theories that can be applied to any character.

So if you want to know how to improve your survival on higher levels so you can get those Torment-only drops in Diablo 3, take a look at these tips:

  1. Toughness is only one factor?there?s also damage and healing. How you survive isn?t totally dependent on your Toughness, though it is a major consideration. There are other ways to survive.
  2. Green numbers are good. Green numbers are the amount of heals you get per second, per hit or per kill. Another approach to surviving is healing more than the damage you?re taking.
  3. End the encounters faster and you survive, period. DPS or damage per second is still a good indication of survivability since it follows that the sooner enemies die, the sooner the damage stops and you can move on to the next mob.
  4. Resistances matter. The floor effects that come with elites are always some form of elemental damage. Wizards have it easy since their Intelligence gives them a ton of elemental and arcane resistance?how do other classes follow? Diamonds can be your best friend.
  5. Not getting hit is still the best survival strategy. This is why mechanics like Dodge and Armor are important since these stop you from actually getting hit. Mitigated or avoided damage is still the best way to survive.


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