Diablo 3 on sale at 50% off!

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Blizzard just dropped the price on Diablo3 by 50% off, which brings it to a sale price of less than $20!

In case you aren’t a veteran of Blizzard, you wouldn’t know that this is what the game company usually does when they’re about to release a new expansion. World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 always have large price drops a few days or weeks before the new expansion comes. Sometimes, the base game goes for as low as $5! The sale is in effect until March 23, 2014.

So if you’ve been waiting for a great reason to get Diablo 3, the incredible price drop should seal the deal for you. Now is the best time to get Diablo 3 since it’s cheaper and Blizzard has also adjusted the experience points setting on the game. Until the day before Reaper of Souls’ launch, you get 50% more experience points! When you look at it, it’s like Blizzard paid for half the game and is even helping you get ready for the new expansion.

If you’ve been holding off on buying the game, now would be the best time to get Diablo 3 and the expansion at the same time. Why? Essentially, Blizzard downloads all the game content in the background while you’re playing the game. Buying the expansion merely unlocks it. This ensures a seamless transition and a better user experience.

Diablo 3 is still the best hack and slash game that’s come out ever since the early days of gaming in the 90’s. You choose a class and battle the hordes of hell until you meet the Princes of Hell and beat them back into their soulstones. With Reaper of Souls, you get to choose a new class, the Crusader that looks like their Paladin for this game. You also get access to Nephalem Rifts, which can give the game even more replay value thanks to the quick dungeon, high-level enemy and rare drop setup these arenas feature.

Keep in mind that you need an internet connection when you play Diablo 3 even if you aren’t partied-up with your friends and playing the campaign alone.

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