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DIABLO 3 Easy Cache Tips, Skill Secrets, Paragon Point shortcuts and Save-yourself Tricks

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The Diablo ?is in the details and when you need a little extra help with your game (like staying still and a more convenient set of shortcuts) there is only one place to go?the Diablo 3 loading screen!

Sadly, we may not have the attention span or the patience to look at the tips on the loading screens. You may also be lucky enough to not need loading screens because of your gaming rig. Nonetheless, it can?t be denied that there are nuggets of wit and wisdom in the screens. Here are some that I?ve put together and learned from other players in our battles through Sanctuary, Heaven and the Pandemonium Fortress:

  • Assign paragon points by 10s through holding SHIFT while you click away.

If you hold SHIFT while assigning your paragon points, you can put them in by 10s. This is great for sudden build changes for boss fights and higher difficulties. When you have hundreds of paragon points, this is going to save you a lot of time and clicks.

  • Set up a Force Move in Options

Go to the Key Bindings in Options and set up a button for Force Move. Getting out of mobs and saving your toon just got a lot easier. You no longer have to cast your primary skill, get stuck and die horribly like you usually do. Can I hear the screaming and shouts of relief as players run away? You bet I can. Super protip: bind it to the spacebar and ride like the wind! This bypasses looting, chest opening and using pylons or wells.

  • Change a skill on the bar by just right clicking on it.

Gasp! That fast? That?s quite right. You don?t have to go to the menu if you?re familiar with the skills (which you should be). Diablo 3 has really helpful icons and little tricks to get you to the build you want so make sure you do your part in memorizing the pictures (it?s the least you could do).

  • Click and drag skills on your skill bar when you have the skill window open to deactivate and arrange.

Again, this tip is only great for players who have memorized the skills or their preferred builds. Unlike Diablo 2 that allows you a new build with one button, this is as close to it as we can get. It?s still a sweet tip since switching for a boss battle or a rift has never been so easy.

  • Buddy just logged in? Tell them to pop over your game as you finish a bounty so they get a cache as well!

Now, this tip is totally dependent on how generous you are but I always say, ?The more gear, the merrier!? You also get someone who can curse at Tyriel for giving you both dud boxes once again, even if the other guy didn?t do anything to get it.

I?m compiling a lot of other little Diablo 3 RoS tricks that you might want to know. Keep checking back here or search Diablo 3 on the site?s search bar for other updates! Do you know any other tips? Share it here in the comments and I?ll update the Diablo 3 RoS tips and tricks list or include it in the next post!

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