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Diablo 3 RoS The Furnace: Why It’s a Must-Have Item and How To Farm it

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With the PTR well underway in Diablo 3 RoS, Greater Rifts are becoming familiar and a breeze for mad-skilled players despite the constant changes with the system.

Regular PTR players who are trying out their kill rate mechanics have now determined one of the most important items if you want to clear your Greater Rifts.

Everyone (except Demon Hunters), behold, the Furnace:

the furnace


Why is this a must-have item in Greater Rifts? In case you didn?t remember or know, Greater Rifts only open up for players and parties who can fill the monster bar and defeat the Rift guardian under a certain time limit. As you go to the next Greater Rift, the timer gets shorter and you need to finish the Rifts faster and the monsters get even tougher.

How does the Furnace give you a damage boost so you can raise your kill rate? This is how:

  • Dealing damage has a chance to deal?6?8%?of the enemy’s current health as Fire damage.

Attack speed is essentially all you?ll need to make this stat bite the enemy mobs more frequently. Yes, it?s Fire damage again.

Sadly, Demon Hunters cannot use this weapon since it?s technically too heavy for them and they?re the ranged fighters in the roster.

There has been an uproar in the forums and player base that this item isn?t that needed. As you go higher in the Greater Rifts, however, your kill rate slows down as tougher monsters meet you. The small but present enemy life-based damage is something that grows with each Rift tier so you can be sure it?s going to take your farther than any other weapon.

Problem is, this item is 10x rarer than any other two-handed mace. This means that ?you may have a hard time finding one on your own. There is no special place or way to farm this item, you simply have to play more on any setting from Normal through Torment. The Furnace drops anywhere.

So there?s my take on the Furnace. I have yet to use mine since I would prefer a Crusader to use it, but I haven?t taken her up to 70 yet. Nonetheless, raising your Attack Speed on any class using this can surely bring on the damage on whatever tiered Rift you’re working on. Here?s to hoping your Diablo 3 RoS characters get one with 8% Fire damage when Patch 2.1 goes live!

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