Diablo 3 RoS: Secrets, tips and tricks for Nephalem Rifts and Bounties

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There simply are too many ways for you to optimize your Nephalem Rift runs and Bounties. Depending on your class, gear, game difficulty, player skill, you can make your farming more worthwhile if you know some general Diablo 3 RoS secrets, tips and tricks on how to get the items you want.

Essentially, bounties and rifts form a cycle that balances the game in a rewarding cycle of legendary item drops. So far, Diablo 3 developers have restricted some drops to Torment levels in Rifts only while some items can only be found in Horadric Caches. Check out the Blizzard database and forums for these specific items. In the meantime, we’re here to help you on your Rift runs and Bounties.


Here are some Diablo 3 secrets, tips and tricks that you should know about Horadric Caches:

  1. Farm for caches when you’re playing alone. They?re easier to get than Rift drops and the drop rate and contents of the bag do not alter whether you are in a party or not. If your goal is to just get the bags, it?s what?s best done when you find yourself playing alone.
  2. Don?t open the bags. Just like a statistical study, chances of an anomaly (the legendary drop) happens when there?s a larger sample size. If you can stop yourself, don?t open the Caches at once. Put them in your inventory and wait for the right time. Plus, it’s more fun when you have friends to show off the loot!
  3. Horadric Caches don?t get better with higher difficulty settings. Blizzard has confirmed that the contents of the bag don?t get better based on the difficulty setting where you acquired it or opened it. Raising the difficulty setting only gives you higher chances of getting unique drops while on a bounty, not from a bag.
  4. Open your bags with a whole party. What you can do to raise your chances of getting unique items is to open at least three Caches all at once with a full party. Wearing a Topaz only raises your chance to get items 10% of the percentage the headgear gives. So if a Topaz gives you 10% additional MF, it only adds 1% to your MF for Legendary items. The number on a Topaz usually just pertains to magic items in general.
  5. Farm with your maxed character then open with the toon you want to dress. With player experience,?the loot is determined when you get the bag from Tyrael but the stats are rolled when you open it. So if you?re done with your Wizard?s equipment, put the Cache in your inventory and have your lower-level Crusader open it. Please note that this can happen differently if you manage not to get a smart loot drop.


If you?re doing 5-hour Rift runs tonight or in the foreseeable future, here are some general Diablo 3 RoS secrets, tips and tricks to get the gear you want:

  1. Go on a Rift with a full party. Now is the time to up all your MF stats. Equip that Topaz headgear and get all your friends together. Make sure you all don?t stray far as the increased MF from a full party only happens when you?re all near each other.
  2. Go on a series of Rifts. Save up those fragments and take the time to go on Rifts one after the other. This makes your time worthwhile and raises the chances of getting legendary items since you?re in Rifts much longer.
  3. Chests and the run itself has better chances of yielding orange items than the Rift boss. With the recent patch, developers lowered the legendary drop rate with bosses in Rifts and made chests sparser. But chests and going through the Rift give you better loot. If you see a resplendent chest, you also have a very good chance there.
  4. A Rift has a 100% better chance of giving you a legendary item. This means that you have highly-increased chances of getting a legendary item from a barrel in a rift than a normal chest outside the Rift. But again, the game can be stingy randomly.
  5. Always have one toon with crowd control in your party. Event chests can yield unique items. One of the biggest problems is that they sometimes have a timed event. Make sure one toon in your party has a taunt or pull skill.
  6. Play on a difficulty that lets you kill monsters the fastest without dying. This means that your banked experience and buffs aren’t lost because you don’t die at all and monsters take the least time to kill. It takes more time to resurrect and get your momentum back on a higher difficulty level than going through easier levels without dying.
  7. Finish the Rift to the last level. Even if you?re done with the Rift boss, finish the whole map or go through all the levels. You have greater chances to find the gear you need there than in any other part of the game.

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