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Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.2: Fastest XP Level 1 to 70 in 30 minutes

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How to get your Season character from Level 1 to 70 in 30 minutes or more.

Season 2 for Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.2 is out and you?re going to have to play through the whole game to get the new gear. After the success of the first Season, players can now try to top the Seasonal Leaderboards and get new class-specific gear.

Does life really start at 70?

While it can be nostalgic and fun to experience getting killed by normal monsters and being happy with a rare yellow drop, most players find the repeated game tedious. For some, they cannot wait to finish Malthael, get to level 70 and earn those Paragon points in Diablo 3 RoS 2.1.2.

Essentially, all the leveling you did from 1-70 on a Diablo 3 RoS Seasonal character could be a waste of time. The experience earned here doesn?t contribute to your endgame Paragon levels and it?s difficult to farm while you?re weak. The drop rate for non-Torment levels is woefully small and can get frustrating.

Only when you hit 70 and start earning Paragon experience could you say that you?re kind of working towards your main character since the Paragon experience gets carried over to your main toon when the season ends.

So if life doesn?t start again at level 70, you could say that life continues then and you don?t feel like you?re a high-level player mucking around.

So how do you get to Diablo 3 RoS level 70?

Luckily for us current-weaklings or the players who haven?t started on the new Season while their friends are already burning through Diablo 3 RoS Adventure Mode, there is a quick way to get you boosted and playing with everyone quickly.

So if you want to get to Diablo 3 RoS level 70 in 30 minutes (or a bit more if you aren?t good at dodging enemies) here?s how:

  • Get yourself invited to a party of 3 maxed characters that can handle Torment 6 on Seasons.
  • Make sure the party host is in Adventure mode.
  • Follow them around bounties without getting killed. When you?re dead and they kill a boss, you don?t get the experience.
  • Watch the Paragon levels soar as you share experience and get the points reward after each bounty.

Keep in mind that the 30 minute time period on this can vary since it?s up to how many times you die, the kind of enemies you encounter in the bounties and how good your boosting team is. Surviving Torment 6 as a weak character is a real challenge.

You can also just wait for your friends to finish bounties and just reap the rewards in town. You won?t be able to share experience from sharing monsters, though. Staying in town is a much slower method since you just rely on the points Tyrael gives you.

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