Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.2 Changes: Treasure Goblins, Ancient Legendary Items, Keywardens & Sentries

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The new Diablo 3 RoS Patch for 2.1.2 has come and with it, a lot of small and big changes to how the game is played are in place. Here are some notable patch changes according to the patch notes and player experience:

  • You can no longer spawn at checkpoints in Rifts?you get an incrementally-increasing timer based on how often you?ve died. The first time you die, you have to wait 5 seconds to resurrect yourself. Each time you die another 5 seconds gets added to the timer until you reach a 30 second wait. Your allies can still resurrect you without consideration for the timer.
  • Goblins now appear in Normal Nephalem Rifts.
    ? There are 3 new kinds of goblins
    o Blood shard goblin ? drops blood shards
    o Craftng materials goblin ? drops veiled crystals, arcane dust and reusable parts
    o Gold goblin ? drops gold, items, gems and materials
  • Time between waves of enemies in the Realm of Trials has been shortened.
  • Demon Hunter sentries now require the player to attack for the sentries to fire skills. The damage for the sentries has been raised to up to 500%.
  • New Ancient Legendaries of original Legendary Items that roll much higher primary stats than their normal Legendary counterparts.
  • Shen and Myriam?s stores in Act I have been moved closer to the waypoint, stash and blacksmith area.
  • Keywardens drop keys less often, and Torment 6 key farming does not guarantee a key drop anymore.

With these new changes, it?s easy to see how Demon Hunters now have to pull their weight if they want to reach the optimum DPS. With enough player skill and the best gear, Blizzard has technically made Demon Hunters even more powerful than they were before the patch?they just have to work for it.

The new goblin types are rather exciting. You could easily collect 400 blood shards from killing the shard goblin. Sadly, Kadala?s propensity for giving the Legendary items you want is the same or possibly even worse.

Recently, the first Season in Diablo 3 RoS ended. Players can now receive the legendary items exclusive to last season on Adventure Mode. The new season starts of February 13. Have you opened Diablo 3 RoS recently? If you plan on getting back in the game, you better get patching.

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