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Diablo 3 RoS Legendary Gems Launched then Pulled on the PTR for Massive Bugs and Crashes

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After the Diablo 3 RoS PTR went offline for a revamp and reset, the Legendary Gems mechanic we?ve been waiting for so long were implemented. This means that these babies were finally dropping in the PTR.

The new PTR, however probably had so many changes that they had to pull some for the server to keep running. Some people reported crashes while others reported completely non-functioning items and gear.

So after a few hours, the devs pulled the mechanic. Yes, players, the Diablo 3 RoS gems are gone again?or at least, their properties. But some players were able to mine some information and even get hold of some screenshots and item descriptions:


According to the devs, the PTR experienced a significant more number of crashes and a lot more instability with the gems. They can still drop at the moment but they?ve taken away the descriptions and properties.

I?ve written about the gems that are coming up in this post in case you wanted to know more about each upcoming gem. These gems can only be upgraded through Urshi, the special artisan you find in failed Greater Rifts. Aside from that, you can only equip these gems on a ring or an amulet.

What may change Diablo 3 RoS is that there are better affixes for Legendary amulets and rings than a socket. Countess Julia?s Cameo can have the trifecta of DPS instead of a socket. Enchanting the amulet may seriously affect DPS and even Toughness.

Still, I can?t wait to try out these gems on? Rare amulets and rings first. After that, I?ll see whether I can think of replacing my Cameo stats. But for the meantime, our Diablo 3 RoS Legendary Gem party isn?t going to happen anytime soon.

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