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DIABLO 3 RoS Inventory Tricks, Party Tips and Item Rolling Secrets

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Diablo 3 has so many shortcuts and commands that it?s no surprise that a lot of players aren?t aware of them. If you usually don?t play with a party or you?re the only one in your group of friends who plays, you probably don?t know a lot of little shortcuts and tips. But don?t worry, I?ve been playing enough with a lot of other friends that we?ve figured some out. Now, I?m going to share it with you so you can generally have an easier time playing.

So here are some tricks you can do with your Stash:

1. Right-click on the tab for your stash and you can change the icon.?This is a great tip for Diablo 3 players who?ve maxed out the tabs and want to get a little obsessive-compulsive with arranging their items. You can choose icons for gems, crafting materials or just how you want your inventory chest to look like theoretically.

2. Not enough space? Socket your gems into your items then just salvage the item to get the gems.?That?s right, when you salvage an item with a socketed gem, the gem just goes to your Inventory.

3. Right click on the item in your Stash to send them to your Inventory.?You don?t have to drag the items you need to your Inventory in Diablo 3. Just right click on the item while both your Stash and Inventory are open and they automatically appear there. The great thing about this is that it works the other way around too!

4. Compare offhand slots with unequipped items by holding Alt while you?re holding the cursor over the unequipped item for comparison.?When you want to compare a sword to a shield or one ring to the ring on your left hand, simply hold down Alt and you?re shown the percentages for the offhand or left slot.


In a party, here are some nifty things to know:

1. Teleport to your party mate instantly.?If your party is in a Rift while you have to unload your Inventory at town, simply right click on your party-mate?s portrait and select ?Teleport to Player?. After the loading screen, you?re with your party mate.

2. Show everyone the new Unique you got on the party chat.?Open your Inventory and press Enter. Hold Shift while you left-click on the item you want to show your party mates. The item appears in your party conversation. Press Enter again to put it up on the chat screen.

Lastly, here are some secrets or things to know about rolling items:

1. Know how good the stats are on the item you?ve rolled.?If you want to see how well your item rolled in Diablo 3, you can hold CTRL and left click the item when you link it in chat. It will show the min and max values on what the item could have rolled.

2. Most of the time, gems in slots give better bonuses than primary stats rolled on an item.?I don?t reroll the primary stat on a chestpiece or any item that can have slots. I usually just roll for the slots or for the trinity of DPS. I?d rather add Crit chance, Crit Damage , Attack speed or a slot for a gem.

There you have it, some more cool tips and tricks for Diablo 3! For more ?Diablo 3 tips and tricks, check out my other posts. I?m especially fond of Malthael so I?ve made a couple of posts on his boss battle too.

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