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Diablo 3 RoS: Increased DPS for 2-Handed Weapons Across the Board

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A lot of game mechanics, items and weaknesses are simply accepted as the way things are on Diablo 3 RoS. Just like how some pets can hit harder than a tank, how the RNG sometimes screws you over or how 2-handed weapons aren?t viable except for Crusaders.

Crusaders? Heavenly Strength skill that allows them to wield two-handed weapons in only one hand, freeing one of their hands up for a shield or another sword, axe or mace. Suffice to say, it?s just been accepted that Crusaders can wield two Furnaces easily.

But the Blizzard devs seem to want the rest of the classes to experience some two-handed weapon love. You can hardly see a build where a player uses a two-handed weapon over dual wielding. The jump in DPS is just too high for the latter to be ignored.

So what did Blizzard do about it? Here?s what the Blizzard devs on the forums have implemented on the PTR:

The DPS of 2-Handed Melee Weapons has been increased by 23-26% across the board.
This applies to the following weapon types:


  • 2-Handed Maces
  • 2-Handed Mighty Weapons
  • 2-Handed Axes
  • 2-Handed Flails
  • 2-Handed Staffs
  • 2-Handed Swords
  • Daibos
  • Polearms


In direct response, Heavenly Strength will now reduce damage done by 20%. With both changes, Crusaders using a 2-Hander should see a very small DPS increase.


  • This change is retroactive to existing live items.
  • This change only affects level 70 two-handed melee weapons.
  • This change affects two-handed melee weapons of all rarities.


We are still considering additional changes if needed but this should be a solid step towards making 2-Handers viable again for all classes.

What do you think, guys? Is the 2-handed love going to go around with the new changes? Or is Diablo 3 RoS still going to be an ARPG that can’t make viable 2H mechanics just like all the others?

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