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Diablo 3 RoS Elite Affixes: What do they really mean?

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The higher you go on the Torment levels in Diablo 3 RoS, the more affixes you see on Elites. These are the words under the boss that tell you what the yellow or blue monster can do. When you?re on higher difficulty levels, it?s important that you know these effects to survive longer. These affixes can sometimes dictate the gear you?re equipping especially if you haven?t reached end game gear.

Here?s my list of elite affixes from Diablo 3 RoS, taken from the forums:

Arcane Enchanted – Arcane Beams that come from sentries. This has Arcane type damage and lasts 10 seconds long.

Avenger ?These monsters explode when killed, so if you kill them all at the same time, they might just take you with them.

Desecrator ?Fire damage that looks just like the Morlu monsters? powers. The damage doubles per tick and starts 1 second after you step in the fire and lasts 1 second after you step out.

Electrified ?the Elite essentially has Shock Pulse, and is considered ranged damage that triggers when the mob takes damage. This attack is dodgeable. If you see lightning arcs in the mob, this is the Electrified affix in action.

Extra Health ?Extra-tough monsters that take a while to kill.

Fast ?the monsters? attack speed and movement speed are higher.

Fire Chains – Fire Chains link monsters together and give you ranged damage whenever a toon touches the links. The chain damages 10X per second?that?s why you see your HP go down so much.

Frozen ?The monster has Frozen Orb and can summon 6 orbs per cast. You have to survive the explosion that happens after 6 seconds and hope you aren?t frozen for 2 seconds after the orbs explode.

Frozen Pulse ? The monster uses Chilling Orb, which gives you melee damage. This homing sentry triggers after 1.5 seconds and then searches targets for another 5 seconds. The orb lasts 10 seconds and slows your movement by 60%.

Health Link ?The HP of the Elite is linked to all the other monsters in the area with the same affix and they stabilize their HP by sending each other life when one of them gets damaged.

Horde – Horde increases the squad of minions that spawn a rare monster, crowding the battlefield.

Illusionist ?This is when a boss multiplies with one boss in the middle and more copies around it, usually 5 copies. The copies go down easily but have the same affixes as the original so they can crowd the screen with more clones. Easy way to identify the real one is to use Exploding Palm before it multiplies and you?ll always have a marker.

Jailer ?This affix immobilizes the character with Arcane ranged damage and the cage lasts for 2 seconds. The damage applies when the cage is formed and it is undodgeable.

Knockback ? knockback works like player knockback skills and slows you for a short duration after the knockback.

Missile Dampening ?If you notice the red dome around an Elite, your projectiles move slower within the dome so it?s easier to dodge them or literally get out of the way.

Molten ?the monster leaves a molten trail that deals melee Fire damage. The trail lasts for 5 seconds and the monster explodes when killed that can deal huge damage for 18 yards.

Mortar ?This monster deals Fire Bombs with ranged damage. The impact affects 6 yards around the point of implact and throws out 3 fire bombs per bomb.

Nightmarish ?All the monster?s attacks (melee or ranged) may cause the character to flee from the monster for 3 seconds.

Plagued ? the monster appears with green pools of plague that deal melee poison damage. Keep in mind that the pools can stack where they overlap so these are killers. The pools disappear when the caster dies and the damage continues 1 second after leaving the pool.

Shielding ? The monster is invulnerable to all forms of damage for a short time.

Teleporter?The monster can teleport to or away from the player.

Reflect Damage – When you strike a Thorns-imbued foe with a melee attack, you suffer automatic damage in return. This deals melee damage and lasts up to 15 seconds.

Waller ? This monster can summon walls to impede and trap a player. You cannot teleport out or into the wall and most skills do not pass through these walls. The walls disappear after a few seconds.

Vampiric?the monster drains your life.

Vortex ? The monster can teleport the player near him or further away, interrupting casting or channeling that was being done while the teleport happened. The small amount of melee damage is applied when the vortex is formed.

Poison Enchanted ? Poisons slimes deal melee damage and leave a poisonous trail behind them for 6 seconds. The slimes move for 3 seconds to spread the trail and then explode.

Wormhole ? two circles are formed on the ground and the player in one circle gets transported to the other when the circles disappear. The player takes Arcanemelee damage and is applied after 1 second.

So there you have it, the affixes for Elites in Diablo 3 RoS. What do you think is the worst Elite affix combination? I think that Extra Health Fast Waller Fire Chains is deadly but those Avengers popping all at the same time has killed me more than once.

Which affixes do you hate? Drop me a comment and let?s discuss!

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