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Diablo 3 RoS: Best Legendary Items for 2-Handed Weapon Builds

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Since the Blizzard devs have recently boosted 2H weapon damage on the PTR to see if the additional damage can change a lot of builds, I’ve put together a list of the weapons you should consider using ?the new mechanic.

It’s been almost routine that all 2H weapons are always underpowered compared to dual wielding. But with the recent changes, the devs are hoping that the damage and skill selections can be enough of a reason for players to change up.

So what are the weapons you need now if you want to try out the new damage boosts on 2H weapons? Here are the best Legendary 2-handed weapons:

1. The Furnace

It hasn’t been nerfed and is currently a vital weapon in any party that wants to delve into Greater Rifts. The main advantage of this weapon is that it can proc a percentage of the opponent’s life per hit (around 6%-8% depending on the stats you rolled). When you need your damage to scale to the Rift level, the Furnace is the best item out there (until it gets nerfed, of course.)

2. Maximus

The Maximus lets you summon a demonic slave when your attack connects. Mostly fun since you get to see demon butt all the time, it still hits well if it has a socket and good trifecta stats.

3. Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker

This Barbarian weapon is part of a set that gives a good trifecta of DPS stats, ignores durability loss and has elemental affixes. This is part of a set item that lets you boost a lot of Barbarian skills and Fury generation.


What do you think of the new 2H mechanic in Diablo 3 RoS? Are you going to try these weapons out? Drop me a comment.



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