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Diablo 3: How to Farm Bounties in the Fastest Way Possible

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Farming for Legendaries has no doubt become much easier in Diablo 3 thanks to the Bounty system and input from all the theorycrafting fans all over the world.

Just after the anniversary drop rate increase, Blizzard decided that they?d keep the current rate, much to everyone?s delight.

Still, there are better ways to farm the items you need. If you?re looking for a Ring of Royal Grandeur, the only way to get it is through a Torment 1 box from Tyrael. The awesome tank and heals shield Salvation only drops from Act 5 caches. So how do you get the ring, the shield and any other Cache-only drop as quickly as possible? Here?s how:

1. Play with a party. Most of the time, all the players want the Ring of Royal Grandeur so it?s best to go through the Bounties in Act 1 with a team.

2. Split farm with your party. Split farming is done through each member of your team finishing bounties at the same time. Make sure that you can farm the bounties in roughly the same amount of time. An example would be while one member finishes the Fields of Misery, another player kills off Leoric while the other kills the Butcher, which are all bounties in Act 1.

3. Don?t open any chests (unless it?s part of the quest), look at bodies or destroy jars, bookshelves and other possible sources of loot. This technique follows a little-known and never-confirmed rule in the theorycrafter fanbase. The Junger rule states that Diablo 3 has a pity timer for characters who don?t get Unique drops. The chances to get a drop go higher and higher until you do get a Legendary item at which point the pity timer resets. We?re gunning for a Unique drop in a cache so it?s best to farm a lot of boxes and open them all at once while avoiding all the chests and possible loot sources.

4. Avoid or run from mobs that aren’t part of the Bounty. On the Diablo 3 higher-Torment levels, the monster density can get pretty brutal. If you can, avoid them at all costs and get to the cave or the boss battle as fast as you can.

Some players have reported getting 5-7 Rings of Royal Grandeur in Diablo 3 from this method. Try it out and give me some feedback on how it?s going for you! Keep in mind that these are just the suggestions of hardcore theorycrafters so you need to keep at it for a while before you may get results.

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