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Diablo 3 Horadric Cache-only Legendaries and How to Farm them

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Some players in Diablo 3 like to go through the game using whatever comes to them. Other players go through the list of items and make sure they?re on the right bounty or Act to get their item. Either way, it?s nice to know what you can get on the quest you?re on.

If you plan on doing bounties, here are the expected Legendary drops from caches. Take note that everything can change once there?s a fix or a patch but for the meantime, this is what?s in the bag:

Act One

  • Golden Gorget of Leoric
    • Amulet:?After earning a massacre bonus, 4?6 Skeletons are summoned to fight by your side for 10 seconds. 10 seconds is a short time unless you’re overwhelmed by several mobs.
  • Mad Monarch’s Scepter
    • One-Handed Mace:?After killing 10 enemies, you release a Poison Nova that deals 1050?1400% weapon damage as Poison to enemies within 30 yards. Hard to use unless you’re the DPS. If you’re a ranged DPS, that Poison Nova isn’t going to hit anything.
  • Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
    • Shoulders:?When receiving fatal damage, there is a chance that you are instead restored to 25% of maximum Life and cause nearby enemies to flee in fear. Just like the Near-Death Experience Passive skill that monks have, but this is governed by chance.
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur
    • Ring:?Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2). One of the two most important rings for any player in the game.
  • Sanguinary Vambraces
    • Bracers:?Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your Thorns damage to nearby enemies. Great for Crusaders who do a lot of Thorns.

Act Two

  • Cloak Of Deception
    • Cloak:?Enemy missiles sometimes pass through you harmlessly. Depending on the stats, this could be a bridge item to better gear for a DH.
  • Coven’s Criterion
    • Shield:?You take 45?60% less damage from blocked attacks. This works best with a high chance to block.
  • Gloves of Worship
    • Gloves:?Shrine effects last for 10 minutes. Taking off the gloves cancels the shrine effect.
  • Illusory Boots
    • Boots:?You may move unhindered through enemies. Great for escaping huge T6 mobs.

Act Three

  • Avarice Band
    • Ring:?Each time you pick up gold, increase your Gold and Health Pickup radius by 1 yard for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times. Get this with Goldskin and you’ll have Flawless Royal gems aplenty.
  • Boots of Disregard
    • Boots:?Gain 500 Life Regeneration per second for each second you stand still. This effect stacks up to 8 times. Great for heal-based toughness.
  • Burst Of Wrath
    • Two-Handed Axe:?Killing enemies and destroying objects has a chance to grant 20% of your maximum primary resource. Great for Barbarians.
  • Envious Blade
    • Dagger:?Gain 100% Critical Hit Chance against enemies at full health. Get a Flawless Royal Emerald on this and you have 130% additional Critical Damage.
  • Overwhelming Desire
    • Amulet:?Chance on hit to charm the enemy. While charmed, the enemy takes 35% more damage. Not a very good drop.
  • Insatiable Belt
    • Belt:?Picking up a Health Globe increases your maximum Life by 5% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Great for a DH with ferrets who can pick up health globes.
  • Pride’s Fall
    • Helmet:?Your resource costs are reduced by 30% after not taking damage for 5 seconds. If you’re a tank, get this.

Act Four

There are no exclusive Act IV Legendary items bound to the caches. But you can get any of these Legendary cache-only items on Act IV. If you’re farming more than one item on this list, Act IV can drop them both.

Act Five

  • Pandemonium Loop
    • Ring:?Enemies slain while Feared die in a bloody explosion and cause other nearby enemies to flee in Fear. ?Fun to watch the effect happen but hard to pull off without the right combo of gear.
  • Death?s Bargain
    • Pants:?Gain an aura of death that deals 750-1000% of your Life per Second to enemies within 20 yards. You no longer regenerate Life. If you don’t regenerate Life anyway, this is a great item.
  • Salvation
    • Crusader Shield:?Blocked attacks heal you and your allies for 20?30% of the amount blocked. Tanks and heals love this.
  • Helltrapper
    • Hand Crossbow:?7?10% chance on hit to summon a Spike Trap, Caltrops or Sentry. If you get a socket on this one, it may be worth it.
  • Soulsmasher
    • Two-Handed Mace:?When you kill an enemy, it explodes for 450?600% of your Life per Kill as damage to all enemies within 20 yards. You no longer benefit from your Life per Kill. Only good if you have high Life Per Kill, but that isn’t a good stat to work with anyway.

If you’re looking to farm legendary items from the caches, check out my guide on how to farm caches the fastest.

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